I’m going to level with you. I nearly didn’t write a blog this month. Work has been super-busy. I’m in the middle of a major garden project (I know, let’s rip up the rotten decking, tear down the knackered old summer house and, er, see what happens…). And now that lockdown restrictions are easing, I find myself with a social life again. So when it got to Friday evening, on the last day of April, and I hadn’t written this month’s blog I kind of thought I’d just let it go.

And then I remembered what a wise woman had once said. She said: ‘If you’re going to blog, be consistent. Don’t post a blog every week, then do nothing for two months. Decide the regularity then stick to it.’ Well as that wise woman was me, I figured I better heed her words. So this may not be the best blog in the world – but at least it’s here.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving your blog to the eleventh hour. My other sage advice is to plan your blogs in advance for the year – or maybe three or six months – and have a couple written up and waiting in the wings. It will prevent the sort of situation I’m in now – sitting at my laptop writing a blog about writing a last-minute blog when I should be sprawled on the sofa mainlining the latest Netflix drama.

The good thing about writing a blog about nearly not writing a blog is I can make good use of my keyword. Blog. Never forget your keywords, people. Get them in your headline, your sub-heads, the first paragraph and all the way through your blog. Don’t overdo it, though – your keywords should sound like they naturally fit into what you’re writing.

Of course, you’re lucky. If you don’t have the time or inclination to write a blog you can hire a copywriter to do it for you. I write blogs on all sorts of topics for all sort of clients. I love it! I’m just not always so enthusiastic and organised about writing my own.

Still, I’ve managed to do it. I’ve written this month’s blog with three hours to spare before the clock strikes May. Now, what shall I watch on Netflix…

* Need someone to write your blog? Let’s chat