Break out your acceptance speech

Why don’t you enter business awards?

  1. You don’t have time to write an award application
  2. You wouldn’t have a clue what to write
  3. You don’t think you/your business is good enough to win
  4. You’re hopeless at blowing your own trumpet
  5. All of the above
Well of course you don’t have time to write an award application – you’re too busy running an amazing business. And anyway, what are you going to put? Nobody likes a show-off, right? Best not bring attention to yourself. Let your award-winning competitor bask in the limelight (and get new business on the back of it). If you ask nicely maybe they’ll let you dust their trophy cabinet some time.
White plasticine character holding up a gold business award trophy

Award entries

FROM £599 (includes Value Added Visibility)

… this price is based on one award application of around 3,000 words. If you need fewer/more words or are applying for multiple categories let’s talk.

‘I’d been put off entering business awards in the past due to a fear of writing about myself and it not being good enough. Helen spent time asking lots of detailed questions and the result was a perfect encapsulation of me and my business – which led to me being an awards finalist! As a bonus I’ve been able to reuse Helen’s brilliant copy in project pitches and online profiles, making the investment in her services extremely worthwhile.’

Susie Tobias, Wise Genius
Finalist – Best Business Women Awards 2017

Nominee? Finalist? Winner?

Whatever stage of the awards you’re at – congrats! Now spread the good news with a trumpet-blowing press release.

Ready to apply for a business award?

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