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Step into the media spotlight

Getting featured in newspapers and magazines? You can’t get much more visible than that! And handily, I’ve got 30+ years experience as a journalist to make it happen. Perhaps you need a press release for the local papers. Or want to be quoted in the business press. Or get an article in a trade magazine. Or appear in a national publication. Maybe this media mullarkey is a whole new confusing world to you and you’d like a clear and focused media strategy. Well, guess what? I’m your gal!
Women’s magazines spread out on coffee table

Press release

£189 (includes Value Added Visibility)

FYI… The cost is for press release only. Need it sent out? Ask me about my press release distribution service.

‘Helen prepared a press release for me for a charity event that I was participating in. She was fantastic throughout the whole process – asking insightful questions that I wouldn’t have thought to mention to the journalists myself. The press release was prepared and sent to the media straight away and the article was published a week later. Thank you!’

Sarah Ryan

Media articles

Exciting news! You’ve been asked to write an article sharing your knowledge and expertise. This is an opportunity not to be missed. But hang on – words aren’t really your um, er, strong point and there’s a pretty good chance your um, er, words of wisdom aren’t going to light up the page. Or impress any prospects. Um, er… oh dear!

I can ghostwrite an article for you. Nope, it doesn’t mean I dress up in a white sheet and try to scare the bejesus out of people. It means I write the article on your behalf – covering everything you want and in your brand tone of voice – and you put your name to it. Quite simply, I do the work and you get all the visibility and glory.

Montage of newspaper and magazine articles written by copywriter Helen Gent

Retainer service

This is for businesses that are seriously up for increasing their visibility. You’ll be ready to build a media presence that puts you in the spotlight and gets you on the radar to attract new customers and clients.

The retainer service includes a range of visibility-boosting press activity including:-

  • generating article ideas
  • press release writing + distribution
  • media list of relevant publications
  • sourcing interview opportunities
  • writing articles
  • exploring radio and TV opportunities
  • targeting newspapers and magazines
  • liaising with journalists
  • sourcing editorial opportunities
  • annual media calendar

£899 per month (includes Value Added Visibility)

Media consultant Helen Gent with women’s magazine on desk

‘I had the pleasure of working closely with Helen who we retained to help with publicity. Helen worked to a brief, not only ensuring that we had as much coverage as possible but in publications and mediums that were relevant for our business. We had scheduled meetings and Helen kept us regularly updated on media outlets that would be using our content, allowing us to align our internal social media and marketing efforts to reflect the published articles. The service was seamless and we got a great deal of exposure both in publications and online. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Helen Gent and her services.’

Danielle Bridge, ABC Life Support

Press consultancy

I call this my ‘Brain Blaster’ service because it’s about you having access to all the knowledge and know-how tucked into my brain and using it to blast your business into the media stratosphere.

The packed-to-the-gills service includes:

  • a half-day briefing to delve into your business, your future plans, your USPs and your publicity goals
  • media strategy document
  • annual publicity calendar with key dates relevant to your business
  • in-the-know tips and advice
  • media list of targeted publications
  • 1 x press release template
  • 1 x article pitch template (short synopsis of an editorial article)

Is the Brain Blaster for you? Yep – it’s ideal if you want a clear media strategy that you can implement yourself. And with all my expert help and advice, there’ll be no stopping you!

£1,499 (includes Value Added Visibility)

Journalist Helen Gent talking to a publicity client

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