Why blogging isn’t like Tinder

At the best of times, you find it a slog to blog. I mean, it takes up so much time and headspace, doesn’t it? All that coming up with a different topic, trying to cover the same old theme in a different way, writing keep-them-keen content, creating a must-read headline – oh, and don’t forget those keywords! Blogging does your head in. And then along comes COVID-19 and really puts the spanner in the works. Nah, it’s not worth the effort, might as well dump it.

Well if you’re planning on ghosting your blog – please don’t.

‘Why not? What’s the point when my customers/clients have lost business and their budgets are buggered? Why promote myself when nobody’s buying?’

Show some commitment

The point is, blogging isn’t about instant gratification. It’s not a one-blog, swipe-right kind of affair.

Think of blogging as a slow-burn relationship between you and your audience. They want to see what you’ve got and they need a bit of time to be reassured you’re right for them. And when I say ‘a bit of time’ I don’t mean a couple of weeks. You’ve really got to show some commitment here – you’re looking at maybe 12-18 months to see any real traction.

The more you blog, the more your audience will get to know, like and trust you – all key elements in their buying decision. So you need to hang around and blog regularly. Keep them keen with your irresistibly helpful, informative, entertaining content. Show them you’re an expert in your field, an authority in your industry, someone they can respect the next morning.

One day – maybe not now but some day – they’ll remember your commitment and put a ring on it… or at least make an enquiry.

My content strategy has gone tits up

You had a blog strategy? That’s brilliant. So many people don’t. Absolutely no forward-planning at all when it comes to blog ideas. Congratulations – but you need to shelve that strategy and focus on what your audience needs right now.

Don’t be scared of giving them something different or surprising. Right about now they might appreciate a fun quiz or an amusing read. Maybe some quick and easy tips. Or a recommendation for home hair dye. Seriously, in these weird coronavirus times anything you can do to be empathetic, useful, thoughtful, hilariously funny – even if it’s not directly related to your business – will make you memorable.

And when this is all over? They’ll remember you didn’t do a runner when things got tough. They’ll appreciate it wasn’t all about you. They won’t write you off as just another commitment-phobe. Heck, they won’t swipe left. Isn’t that a happy ending worth waiting for?

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PHOTO: Andrew Martin/Pixabay