Let’s make this short and snappy


You can’t beat a glossy brochure for impressing clients and customers. Please don’t blow it by cramming it with words, wasting space with waffle and showing off with jargon that only you understand.

With me, you get more than just a great copywriter. Obviously you get a whole lot of brilliantly written words. But I’m also all about attention to detail – so I look at how the content will fit each page for maximum effect and use bullet points and breakout panels to really make your key messages stand out.

‘Helen did the copywriting for my company brochure and website and they were both spot on. She makes a lot of effort to understand exactly what you’re trying to encapsulate and to ensure that she understands everything about your business in order to bring out the best points. Helen has a fantastic way with words and I’m absolutely delighted with her work.’

Lucy Doorbar, LDA Research

Leaflets and flyers

I know what you’re thinking… an A5 flyer is short on space so better pack in those words like sardines. Big mistake if you want people to read it. Another common error?  Accidentally leaving out vital info – like, say, an event date or contact number. Oopsie!

Thankfully I’m an eagle-eyed copywriter who thrives on putting words into small spaces. I write content for leaflets and flyers that gets your message across clearly and succinctly.

‘We absolutely love the new flyer! You were so thorough, clarified exactly what we wanted to say and turned it around for us with a really short deadline.’

Rebecca Dawe, Hair Loss Covered

Need me to write your flyer, leaflet or brochure?

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