When hiring a web copywriter is a waste of money

What’s this? A copywriter suggesting that hiring a web copywriter could be a waste of your wonga? Yes, that’s exactly this. But first, let’s start by recapping on why you SHOULD hire a copywriter…

1 They take your jumbled thoughts and garbled words and craft a clear message. Kind of important when you need people to understand what your business does and how you’re going to make their life a whole lot better by doing what you do.

2 A copywriter turns ‘sloppy’ into ‘slick’ – eyebrow-raising typos, inappropriate apostrophes, grammatical cock-ups, laugh-out-loud clichés… not on my watch, matey!

3 They supercharge your SEO. Hiring an SEO-friendly copywriter like me is a good start to getting into Google’s good books. I can sort you out with longtail keywords and meta tags, and I’ve got lots of useful SEO tips that I share with clients, too.

4 They make you look good. I’m not a trumpet-blowing copywriter for nothing. I work with brilliant businesses that need bigging up to get them in the spotlight. I take lukewarm content and make it hot, hot, hot – and warm up your prospects while I’m at it!

So you see, hiring a copywriter is a darned good idea. Now here’s why you might want to NOT hire a copywriter and save your moolah.

The copywriter has done their job, your website is tickety-boo and everyone is happy. Ten months down the line, the copywriter can’t resist having another look at the site they helped to craft. But what’s this? Someone has changed the words and added new content.

How bizarre! It would seem the client has woken up one day and decided they’re now a copywriter. ‘It’s only words – how hard can it be?’ they surely said to themselves as they faffed and they tweaked and they mucked up the copywriter’s good work.

Now here’s the thing. If you’re not confident about your writing, why pay for a copywriter then twiddle about with the words yourself? Honestly, either do it all yourself and save yourself the money or leave everything to the copywriter.

A copywriter takes pride in their work so they won’t leave you until you’re 100% happy. I include two sets of revisions in my quotes and if a client still isn’t happy I’m well up for a conversation to see what further amendments are needed.

And sure, a client will often need to make changes to their website further down the line. So why not contact your lovely copywriter and ask them to do it?

I mean – do you want to save your money or save your website?

PHOTO: Wolfgang Claussen/Pixabay