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A great business deserves to be successful. But it’s not going to happen if you put out mediocre marketing. You need web content that wows prospects. A blog that bags you customers. LinkedIn posts that lift you to a higher level. You get the picture…

I’m a copywriter and content creator helping businesses like yours to make an impression across each and every one of your marketing channels.

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Blowing the trumpet for biz owners

When I’m not calling myself a copywriter and content creator, I tell people I’m a trumpet blower. Which isn’t as daft as it sounds. The more I worked with business owners the more I realised they just weren’t putting themselves out there. Dull and confusing marketing content… sounding exactly the same as competitors… passing up business awards opportunities… ignoring the potential for publicity…

Instead of ‘Me, me, me!’ it was all ‘Meh, meh, meh!’

So I stepped in and became the official (and possibly first-ever) trumpet blower for businesses.

I don’t want you hiding your light under a bushel. Or anywhere else for that matter. Your business deserves attention… and a shed load of raving fans/clients/customers. And that’s exactly what me and my trumpet-blowing services are here for.

‘I’ve used Helen for copywriting for three years now and I wouldn’t consider using anyone else. We’ve all been so impressed with the quality of copy for our online and printed materials and have also had some fantastic results from Helen’s press campaigns. I completely trust Helen to get across exactly what we want to say as well as helping us to find what we’re trying to say! Furthermore, her work has made a significant difference to our business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of Helen’s services.’

Rebecca Dawe, Hair Necessity + Duport Accounting

From the blog…

Is your website messier than the January sales?

Is your website messier than the January sales?

What have the January sales got to do with bad websites? I’ll tell you. They both leave me confused, irritated and frustrated – and that means I walk away without make a purchase. Here’s an example. This month I wanted to buy a new dress – a kind of smart-casual...

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How to find blog post ideas

How to find blog post ideas

‘I haven’t got a CLUE what to blog about.’ I hear this all the time from business peeps who are all out of blog post ideas. And it gets them in a right old panic. They know they need to write something – so they end up chucking some content together and ticking it off...

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I won’t submit (on your website or mine!)

I won’t submit (on your website or mine!)

I’ve never been a fan of the Submit button on websites. I mean, check it out in your thesaurus. ‘Submit’ means capitulate; defer; give in; put up with; yield; surrender. Jeez! Hardly the warm, fuzzy Call to Action (CTA) you’re...

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