It’s behind you! (dealing with a scary blog)

The word ‘Fear’ spelt out in Scrabble letters


I’m scared of spiders. Hate the buggers. I mean, what kind of sick joke is it giving something eight legs. Eight? Not to mention Olympic-level running speeds and the ability to appear out of nowhere. The second I see one, I turn into a gibbering, heart-thumping, clammy-handed, panic-stricken mess. Turns out, writing a blog has the same effect on some people.

I think it’s the element of surprise. One minute you’re quietly going about your business, the next – eeeeek! – you’re confronted by a blog. The one you’re supposed to be writing. Now. Today. You haven’t got a clue what to blog about so you stand on the sofa crying and wait for someone to come and make it go away.

Now, you can wrestle a spider into a large glass, but writing a blog is going to take a different kind of strategy…

Preparation, preparation, preparation

The scariest thing about blogging is staring at a blank screen without an idea in your head. You’ve left it to the last minute and now your brain’s gone dead. Despite knowing your business inside out, you just haven’t got a clue what to blog about. And this happens EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

So here’s what you do – you get prepared. You make a list of blog themes to cover you for the whole year. Twelve themes if you’re a one-a-month kind of blogger, twenty-four if you’re fortnightly and, well, you can do the counting from here.

Won’t that take time? Um, well, yes. But not as much time as you’ll waste each month desperately trying to think up last-minute ideas while your brain goes into meltdown. And won’t that be scarier than meeting the mother of all spiders? Yeah, well, OK, maybe – but you only have to face down this spider/blog/scary thing once and it will all be over for another year.  

The time-saving blog planner

You’re liking the idea of this blog preparation – but you still can’t be arsed doing it. I hear ya! How about I do it for you then? I offer a lovely little service that takes away the pain of having to think up blog post ideas. That’s right – I’ll create a blog planner with bespoke topics that are relevant to your business and of interest to your clients and customers. Whenever you need them, those blog post ideas will be ready and waiting for you. Just like that spider lurking under the sofa!

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PHOTO: Wokandapix/Pixabay