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Shall I send you my CV? It’s the first thing people ask me when I’m writing or refreshing their LinkedIn profile. And the answer is, thanks but no thanks. Sure, I’ll include relevant qualifications and experience but nobody cares that you worked as an admin assistant for three months 25 years ago…

Let me cut to the chase and highlight your top-line skills. Let me make it clear that you’re a problem-solving saint who’s been put on this earth to save people time/money/hassle. And – for the love of LinkedIn – let me pop in some personality while I’m at it.

£329 (includes Value Added Visibility)

‘Helen sorted my LinkedIn profile in a way I never could – and I was so pleased with the result I immediately hired her to work on my website content. Helen takes the time to get to know you – and your character, which is just as important – and the results are the most professional and on point you can get. Everyone needs a trumpet blower – and Helen will always be my first port of call for all my content needs in the future.’

Lynne Roberts, Eventology

LinkedIn posts

Want to get more business from LinkedIn? Well stop lurking and start posting articles that seriously – and I mean seriously – showcase you and your business.

There’s no room for light and fluffy here. I create meaty LinkedIn articles beefed up with the latest news, research and statistics in your sector. These are information-rich posts to promote your expertise and help boost your connections, engagement and prospects. You’re welcome!

£299 (includes Value Added Visibility)

‘I hired Helen to write three LinkedIn posts that would promote my coaching business from three different perspectives – SME, manager and employee. She came up with a trio of brilliant articles that were in the right language for each of the audiences and included really great links. Helen is so easy to work with. She listens and always turns my garbled requests into great content.’

Catherine Rees, Purely Wellness Coaching

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