Curiosity killed the copywriter (well, actually, it didn’t)

Young boy looking through a monoscope

I’m happy to admit I’m a nosy blighter. As a former journalist, I wouldn’t have got very far without being inquisitive and asking questions. Lots of questions. Just when the person I was interviewing thought I’d finished with my questions, I had more. Now sometimes I had to keep asking because my interviewee was being evasive (yep, not everyone likes talking to a journalist). But mostly it was because the more I found out about someone, the more I was desperate to know. By the time I’d finished I could practically write a book on their life.

It’s pretty much the same now I’m a copywriter. When I talk to you about your business I want to know everything. Not just the basic rent-a-script info. Or the same stuff your competitors are churning out. Or your CV. I want to dip deep to find out why and how you’re unique. What sets you apart and makes you different.

And so I go into journalism mode. I start with background research to find out about you, your industry, your competitors. Then I compile a long (really long!) list of questions. By the time I get to the briefing meeting, I’m all clued-up and raring to get the answers. Sure, chatting will take a bit of time – and several cups of coffee – but it allows me to capture the kind of detail that a rushed phone call can’t. By asking all my nosy questions, I can really delve deep into your business and brand personality.

Once I’ve got the scoop on you, I put the words together to create your one-of-a-kind, haven’t-heard-this-before, knock-the-competition-for-six business story. Oh yes, your story is a great one!

And here’s a bonus. Once we’ve nailed your story, you get to tell it over and over again – on your website, sales letters, blogs, elevator pitches, Linked In, business awards applications, brochures… Come on – that’s got to be worth a couple of hours with me, hasn’t it?

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Photo: Joseph Rosales/Unsplash