What it’s like working with a copywriter?

What’s it like working with a copywriter? Good question. I guess I take it for granted that everyone knows what happens when they hire a copywriter – but of course if you’ve never used one before you’re bound to have questions. Obviously I can’t speak for other copywriters, but here’s how it goes down when I’m your copywriter.

I don’t try to change you

Recently I worked with a new client on content for her elevator pitches. She wanted impactful, memorable words that showcased her expertise but she was anxious about handing over the challenge to me. She was concerned that her words wouldn’t be authentic because she wasn’t writing them herself. I reassured her right away. As a copywriter, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t encapsulate who she was.

I get that business owners feel nervous about entrusting their content to someone else.  I would, too, but hey I’m a copywriter so I don’t have to (I just spend bloody ages tinkering about with my own words!) I understand that you don’t want somebody coming in and buggering about with your brand, making you sound unrecognisable.

All copywriters write clear, concise and compelling words – it’s in the job description – but none of that matters if they don’t understand the very essence of the person they’re writing about. I’m not in the business of changing you. I write words that showcase the very best of who you are.

I ask lots of questions

So this thing about copywriting and authenticity… it takes time to build up a clear picture of who you are. I mean, I’d love to say I’m a mind-reader and I can write about you without communicating – but I’m not and I can’t. So working with me means giving up a bit of your time to chat.

Now here’s where some people offer to send me some marketing documents or point me in the direction of their LinkedIn page. This is all useful stuff. I always do a lot of stalking – I mean, research – anyway. But actually talking is when I really get to know you. I can hear your natural speech pattern and tune into the language you use so when I write your words they genuinely sound like you. It’s why clients trust me to write their blogs on their behalf – because nobody can see the join!

This talking bit – don’t worry about not having enough to say. I used to be a journalist so I’m good at asking the right questions to tease out tidbits and interesting anecdotes. It all helps to bring your business to life and stop you sounding like your dullard competitors (who probably haven’t hired a nosy blighter like me!).

I’ve got your back

Like all copywriters, I care about the content I write for my clients. But more than that, I really care about my clients. That’s why I’m a trumpet-blowing copywriter. So many business owners are brilliant at what they do but shockingly bad at showing it in their marketing. Words aren’t their thing. They just can’t convey in writing what’s so great about who they are and what they do. And that makes me sad.

So I step in as their trumpet-blowing copywriter. When clients feel embarrassed or self-conscious writing about themselves I’m straight in there, bigging them up, tooting their horn, telling the world how frickin’ awesome they are. My trumpet-blowing means your content will never sound muddled or mediocre. I’ve got your back on this.

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PHOTO: John Conde/Pixabay