Web content that wows

Confusion + clutter = no enquiries

Did you hear the one about the company that got zero sales from their website because nobody understood what they actually did? It’s no laughing matter. Their web content was so confusing everyone just bounced off their website and went for a lie-down. The content I write is clear, crisp and focused. No waffle. No jargon. Just straight-to-the-point info that you don’t need a degree – or a headache tablet – to get through.
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Less (much less!) is more

So this company – let’s call them The Wasted Opportunity Company – had over 30 pages of web content. And not one single page shed any light on what they did or who their customers might actually be. Every. Word. Counts. I write web content that’s short and snappy but still gets your key marketing messages across. Or, to be more precise, content that’s punchy, perky and pertinent.

‘Helen literally took the words right out of my mouth! I needed someone to write my web content who could concisely sum up the services I offered and also get across my personable and friendly approach. She did both beautifully.’

Wendy Malczyk, Cogent Financial Planning

Avoid magnolia marketing

In its own bland little way magnolia goes about its business without being any bother or demanding your attention. On a wall, magnolia is sort of OK. On your website? Not so much.

You need a shot of colour to make your business pop. Some pizzazz to pep up dull, heard-it-all-before content. Heck, you need me to bring out your brand personality before your prospects bugger off to your altogether more exciting and colourful competitors.

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Treat yourself to one of these…

Shiny new web content

FROM £799
(includes Value Added Visibility)
This is for you if you’re a start up or you want to tear your old website down and start again from scratch with some cracking content.
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Web content refresh

FROM £599
(includes Value Added Visibility)

Already got a website? Want to pep up the existing content/and or add a new page or two? Well, hello – this service is made for you.

‘Helen transformed our muddled and stagnant website into a well-structured and user-friendly site. She’s friendly and perceptive – she listens carefully to what you want to get across and turns it into crisp, concise, warm and witty prose.  Our website is now in clear sections for each area of our business, and it’s working – Helen’s wedding content immediately resulted in three new bookings as well as increased hirings for our venue in general.’

Sarah Groom, Gamlingay Eco Hub

Want web content that demands attention?

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