Attention, please!

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You may not be an attention seeker in your personal life – and that’s fine. In fact, that’s more than fine. Only the other day I was sitting in my local cinema quietly watching the opening credits and in comes The Attention Seeker, chomping on their popcorn before they’ve even found their seat, exclaiming loudly to their friend, ‘LOOK , THE FILM HAS STARTED’. Hello, yes we know, now sit down and shut the hell up!

Now that kind of attention seeking is pretty irritating.  But in business if you want to attract customers or clients you’ll find that skulking around in the background won’t cut it. If you’re invisible, how are you going to make an impression? ‘Quiet’ doesn’t create sales or sell your services. You need to make some noise. Create a bit of a stir. Seek out the spotlight.  Show your competitors where to stick their hot dog.

You need a ‘Look at me’ strategy that gets all eyes on you…   


Your website is your biggest marketing tool. Does it reflect what you do? Have you added or dropped any of your services? Are your testimonials current? Is the content short and snappy or one long boring yawnfest? Have you got plenty of CTAs (Calls to Action) or have you left potential clients/customers hanging with nowhere to go?


Well, OK, that’s a bit extreme – but at least commit to one blog a month. With a blog you can showcase your knowledge and expertise, dish out super-useful tips and advice and generally impress upon everyone how amazing you and your business are. And writing a regular blog will do wonders for your SEO – which means more fans can find you!


I love a McVitie’s Boasters biscuit. Sorry, I digress – I’m talking about bigging up your business by entering business awards. Most awards are free to enter so there’s really no excuse. Yes, I know it can feel a bit icky blowing your own trumpet – if you really can’t stomach it I can do it for you. Always happy to brag on your behalf!


To command attention you need an audience – and I think you’ll find you’ll get a pretty big one when your business appears in the press or on radio or TV. Of course you’ll need to have a media strategy – think about what you want any media exposure to achieve, do your research and ensure you target the right media to meet your goals. Don’t be afraid to aim high – but equally don’t dismiss local media including things like freebie village magazines and community radio.  

Too shy to shout about your business? My trumpet-blowing services are ready and waiting 

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Personality versus professionalism

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I’m always banging on about personality. And frankly I’m not going to stop any time soon. It’s such a big part of your business brand – yet, so many people are terrified of showing any. There seems to be this idea that you can’t have a personality and be professional at the same time. You have to choose one or the other. Underlying it is a real fear that if you show too much personality, you’ll come across as unprofessional.

And that’s just not right.

Take accountants. One of my early web content projects was to rewrite the web content for an accountant. I’d say she was in her mid-thirties and when we met she was warm, funny and casually dressed – exactly how her clients would see her. But when I suggested I made the tone soft and a little bit sassy, she panicked. ‘But I need to come across as professional!’ she said.

I passed her the smelling salts and then I explained. There would be no question about her professionalism – her About page would highlight her qualifications and all her service pages would be written to show she knew her onions (well, numbers). Why, I asked her, would you want a website that gives the impression that you’re an older, male accountant in a suit. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with being an older, male accountant in a suit but why not differentiate yourself?

When we chatted, she came alive when she talked about how she loved answering clients’ questions and was always on the end of the phone. The fact that this accountant was young, female, down-to-earth and really approachable was part of her Unique Selling Proposition. And that totally needed to be reflected in the language and tone of her website.

Thankfully, I managed to convince her and she now has a website that mixes professionalism and personality – and is attracting exactly the kind of clients that she loves working with.

Need a personality makeover in your marketing comms? Let’s talk.