3 copywriting resolutions for the New Year

Get the words right, stay on brand… and be more Marmite. Yep, three simple copywriting resolutions that will fire up your marketing content this year.

Make all your messaging on-brand

Crikey – 2020 was an unprecedented year, wasn’t it? I know it was because everywhere you looked the word ‘unprecedented’ popped up. You couldn’t get through a day without one CEO or another of a utilities company or supermarket emailing to tell you what an unprecedented time it was.  I don’t know about you but I started glazing over and the emails went straight in the trash.

Now – you don’t want people chucking your business in the bin, do you?

Instead of following the pack, use words that resonate with your clients or customers. Let’s say you’re a funky little underwear brand. Will your target audience appreciate a formal email waffling on about unprecedented times? Or would they love a sit-up-and-take-notice message that started with: ‘It’s a bit pants at the moment, isn’t it?’

Make this the year you only use words and phrases that represent your brand and are true to your business.

Don’t be all fur coat and no knickers

That’s a gorgeous-looking website you have there. Lovely images, great use of your brand colours and some handy infographics, too. But, hang on, I don’t really know where I’m going. I’d like to know more about one of your services but I seem to have come to a dead end. Oh well, I’ll pop over to your About page – or at least I would but I can’t find a quick link…

Websites can be a thing of beauty – but you’re buggered if users can’t get to what they’re looking for. You might not know this, but copywriters are rather good at pointing people in the right direction. We’re storytellers, you see, so we know how to weave words together and add in links and Calls To Action to keep people moving around your website to find what they need. You could say we take them on a journey – but that’s a hideous cliché best left alone.

Make it your resolution to avoid style over substance. And if you need help on that score, remember that copywriters are always here to provide the knickers to your fur coat.

Be more Marmite

2020 was a crappy year. Some might even say it was unprecedented. Though – ahem – not you, of course, not now you’ve resolved to be on-brand at all times. Anyway, it was a tough year and now you need to get your hands on as many customers or clients as you can. So what are you thinking? Make your marketing appeal to the masses? Keep it safe? Maybe even – whisper it softly – be a bit bland?

No, no, no – make this the year you stop trying to please everyone. Don’t look like your competitors. Don’t sound like your competitors. Embrace your brand – yes, you ARE a brand – and pimp up your personality to show it off. Use some imagination. Have a bit of fun. Dare to be a bit different.

Some people will love your brand, some people won’t. That’s OK. In fact it’s more than OK – it’s great! You’ll build a tribe of slavering fans who can’t get enough of you and your brand. They won’t even bother checking out the competition, they’ll come straight to you. And all because you resolved to be more Marmite.

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PHOTO:  Pexels