Take the slog out of your blog

No more ‘Bleugh’ over blogs

Blogging – you know it makes sense for your business. Chance to engage, inform and entertain. And build trust among your customers and clients. Plus add in some Google-friendly SEO. But boy, doesn’t blogging feel like a slog?

There’s all that faffing around thinking up a relevant topic. Oh, hang on, it’s National Crumpet Week… er, well, maybe not. You have to write the darned thing. Sprinkle it with keywords. Dream up a captivating headline. You know what, forget it – you’ll write one next month!

Blue background with ‘‘Blog’ written in orange

Blog posts

Your all-singing, all-dancing blog post comes…

  • thoroughly researched
  • specific to your business
  • targeted to your customers/clients
  • written in your brand voice


  • relevant topic
  • headline + sub-heads
  • keywords
  • optional briefing call

FROM £125 per blog (includes Value Added Visibility)

JUST SO YOU KNOW… I don’t include photos or post the blog for you… but one of my creative partners can make it happen. All you have to do is ask.

Screen grab of ‘Add new post’ on blog page of WordPress site

‘I’ve worked with Helen on our business blogs for over three years. She really gets our tone of voice, what I want to say and how I want to say it. She writes beautifully, comes up with ideas, does the necessary research and goes the extra mile. Helen is reliable, professional and a pleasure to work with.’

Geraldine Grandidier, Tidy Books

Blog content planner

Okay – so you’re happy to write your own blogs. That’s not the problem. Coming up with topics is! Yes, you know where to find ideas. But for blog’s sake – what are you supposed to do with National Potato Chip Day? Well quite!

Save yourself time and head-scratching – hire me to be your ideas generator.

With an annual blog planner you get…

  • bespoke topics
  • targeted to your business
  • relevant to your customers and clients
  • industry-related topics
  • seasonal themes
  • headline suggestions
  • tips on covering the topic
  • weekly, fortnightly or monthly topics (depending on your blog schedule)

FYI… This isn’t one of those free content planners you have to wade through to find a relevant topic. My planner is totally tailored to your business with tips and ready-to-go-ideas all geared up to your audience.

Blogger Helen Gent writing in yellow notebook at desk with orange stationery and orange pens and orange tulips

Need me to write your blog or create a blog planner?

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