Little things mean a lot (but not to Steve!)

Multi-coloured boxes of business cards

Dear Steve

We met briefly last week at a networking group. A lovely bunch of people and I really enjoyed the informal vibe as well as the free biscuits. It was all going well until we swapped business cards. Your card indicated that you were Steve. Well nice to meet you and all that, Steve, but ever thought of including your surname?

Thing is, Steve, if I don’t know your surname how can I find you on LinkedIn and connect with you and potentially grow our business relationship? Ah but hang on – I’m going to be persistent here – it will be on your website, won’t it Steve? Except it’s not, Steve.

And while I’ve got you, could I have a word about your mobile number? There’s no space between the digits. It might just be me, Steve, but I went boss-eyed looking at it.

I’ve got to be honest, Steve, I’m struggling. It’s just a small thing, I know, but your business card is a big letdown. It’s all a bit sloppy, really. And that makes me wonder about your business. Sorry, Steve, but first impressions count and all that. So, good luck with everything but I’m afraid this is goodbye.

Kind regards

Helen Gent

PS: I hate goodbyes, Steve.  I write content for marketing comms big and small and I’m here when you need me.

PHOTO: Jukebox Print/Unsplash