Privacy Policy

Why your privacy matters to me

Here at Trumpet Media, I take your privacy seriously. As part of my business, I collect, process and store information about you – so it’s only fair you know why and how I do that. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hit you with a load of head-scratching legal jargon – I’ll make this all as clear and concise as I can.

Who’s in charge of your information

Well, that will be me. As a sole trader at Trumpet Media, I’m responsible for all things data related around here.

What information I collect

When you make an enquiry via the contact form on this website, I collect your name, phone number, email address and website address, if you have one. Signing up for a newsletter? I’ll just take your name and email address, thank you. If we work together, I’ll collect a bit more information – like your business name, social media user names, your address for billing purposes and anything else I feel is relevant to us having a business relationship.

You might also like to know that my website runs Google Analytics, which helps me get a picture of how my website is doing. It collects useful info such as how long visitors are staying on a particular page and what pages get the most clicks. And I use cookies on my website, too, which does a similar job in tracking usage as well as your preferences.

What I use your information for

I use information to keep in touch with my clients. Mostly I use information to help me do business with current clients.

I also like to keep former clients in the loop to let them know about my services and offers. And for people who have expressed an interest in working with me I might pop them an email or give them a quick call to remind them I’m here if they need me. Either way, if you prefer not to be contacted and would like to have your data removed, simply get in touch and I’ll sort it sharpish.

How I keep your information private

Information is stored on Word documents on secure devices. I use a PC and laptop that are both password protected and a mobile phone that’s protected with a security code and finger recognition. I’m the only person at Trumpet Media who has access to these devices.

By the way, I won’t share or sell your data to a third party.

How long your information is kept

I find that clients come and go… and come back again (which is nice!). So for that reason I don’t like to dispose of information too soon. If you’re a potential client who made an initial enquiry then decided not to hire me, then I think it’s reasonable to keep your details for up to a year – just in case you change your mind!

Over to you…

As part of GDPR you have rights regarding the data that’s collected and stored by me.  By law you can do things like request a copy of the data I hold about you, have inaccurate data corrected or have your data deleted. All you have to do is ask.

And if you think I may not be handling your privacy properly, you can get in touch to complain.

You can reach me at or on 07894 669750.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 16 July 2019.