If you read last month’s blog you’ll know that I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions and instead make a list of lovely things to do for the year. You might recall that I wrote about lovely ways to improve your content. Hands up – it was a tenuous link to copywriting. You didn’t read it? That’s a relief – because there’s another one of those tenuous suckers coming up!

So, my lovely things list started with learning sign language. I already know a few basics as I have a brother-in-law who’s deaf and he’d helpfully taught me how to sign ‘bullshit’. Still, I figured learning some more words and phrases would be useful. I’m not sure he’d agree. Yesterday we were chatting and I signed ‘Why were you born?’ and ‘Do you want cake in your coffee?’ It’s a work in progress.

My latest lovely thing to do is calligraphy. I’d never considered it until a Facebook ad popped up and I thought ‘Ooh, hello, that sounds lovely, I’ll give that a go!’ And now for that tenuous link…

The website for the calligraphy subscription box is awesome. I loved its calm simplicity – which totally fits with the brand. How the words are really clear about the product. The photos of the happy customers. The meaningful testimonials. The way you can quickly see the different pricing options. I tell you, that website had everything I needed to decide I wanted to buy. Which can’t be said for some websites that are so cluttered and confusing I just can’t be arsed.

The awesomeness didn’t stop there. As soon as I’d signed up I received a batch of emails welcoming me, confirming payment and giving me a referral link. Some automated emails can be soooo long and dull. These weren’t. They were informative and yet short, straight-to-the point and friendly. That’s a big thumbs-up from me.

So how’s your marketing doing? Do your Facebook ads hit your target market in the eyeballs? Does your website engage, inform and invite sales? Are you communicating in the right way to keep customers happy?

No? Well wouldn’t it be just lovely if you could get it sorted?

* I can sort you out. Get on the dog and bone and let’s talk.

PHOTO: Pixabay