This month I want to talk about my leaky washing machine. What the heck’s that got to do with copywriting? I know, I know, it seems like a stretch, but bear with me…

I’ll be honest, I was dreading the repair man coming. I knew it wasn’t going to be a simple job. To get to my washing machine you have to practically dismantle the kitchen units around it. I prepared myself for the repair man’s reaction. Tutting. Eye rolling. Head shaking. Sharp intakes of breath. Mutterings. All of which were guaranteed to put me in a state of panic. He wouldn’t be able to fix my machine and I was going to drown in a sea of smalls.

When he arrived I braced myself. But then something wonderful happened. He listened calmly as I gave him a garbled account of the problem, he asked some questions and… wait for this… when I mentioned the kitchen units he smiled and got out his screwdriver (no time for innuendo, people, move on). I was soooo relieved. He was going to fix the problem! And I mean fix the problem without making me feel like it was my fault, or I was making his life difficult or this was the worst job he’d ever had.

Copywriters and can-do attitude

And that’s where copywriting comes in (I know, I know, I took my time). Working with a copywriter is like having my lovely washing machine repair guy with you. Copywriters don’t make you feel bad about your content – like ‘You’re kidding, you want me to work on that?’ We don’t say things like ‘I dunno who did this before, love, but they’ve made a right cock up of it.’ We don’t make you feel like your content can’t be fixed but we’ll grudgingly have a go… and by the way it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. No, sir!

Copywriters are helpful folk. When you come to us with content that’s not serving you well all we’re interested in is making it right. Maybe you know exactly what the problem is. Often clients tell me ‘Writing’s not my strong point – I can’t get across what I want to say.’ Hey, no judgement – you carry on doing what you’re good at and I’ll crack on with the words. Perhaps your sales and marketing content isn’t giving you the results you want but you don’t really know why. That’s OK – let’s have a chat and explore what’s going on with you, your competitors and your industry so I can nail the content.

Copywriters also love a challenge. Well, I do, for sure. The more of a problem your content is, the more excited I am at helping you fix it. That’s because I understand how important great content is to your business and, as a business owner myself, I really want you to have the best words in the world. Ever!

So no ifs, buts or tuts – if you want to fix your content, hire a copywriter. Screwdriver optional.

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PHOTO: Brett Jordan/Pexels