So – you’d love to be an award-winning business. Of course you would. I mean, why wouldn’t you? A shiny award spells success and shows you’re going places. It boosts your credibility, attracts new clients, is a great PR exercise and pretty much lets your competitors know that they can do one.

So here’s some quick tips on putting together an award-winning application.


Where applications have word counts, every word counts! So cut the waffle and cut to the chase. Judges will be looking for drill-down-to-the detail info that quickly conveys all the important stuff about your business.

Quick tip Write your application. Edit it. Edit it again. Then, yep, edit it again.


Most awards applications require supporting evidence such as testimonials. These should be hit-them-between-the eyes fabulous – not dreary messages about being ‘highly recommended’. If you’re planning on entering an award, dust off your testimonials and make sure they’re fit for purpose.

Quick tip Don’t leave your testimonials to the last minute – you might need to contact former clients for additional information or to get new ones.


Case studies are another great way of showcasing your business and can be part of your supporting evidence. Like testimonials, avoid throwing these together at the eleventh hour. Leave plenty of time to put together two or three strong examples to really impress the judges.

Quick tip Think about presentation. Instead of straight text, put together a nicely designed PDF with pictures (better still, hire a graphic designer for a professional look).


Your awards application won’t be the only one judges are looking at. They’ll be reading a LOT. And try as they might, when faced with a sea of similar applications they could be in danger of dozing off (I mean, I’m sure they won’t, but you really don’t want yours to be the one to tip them over the edge).

Quick tip Write like you’re talking to them – use a chatty, friendly tone to keep them interested and engaged. And a bit of humour might not hurt, either.


Awards applications can take several weeks to put together. If you’re using a copywriter there’s a good chance they’ll want to interview you to find out more about you and your business. They’ll need to sift through a whole lot of stuff like your business plan, brand story and any other relevant documents. And they’ll have questions. Lots of questions. All to get the kind of detail that’s going to make your application stand out.

Quick tip Don’t dilly-dally if you need a copywriter’s help. Book them in so you can get the process started in time to hit the deadline.

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PHOTO: Joshua Golde/Unsplash